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Mystery's registered name is StarPONs Magical Mystery Tour Z Ponder Us. We knew after having Chelsea, Chance, and Zoe what a Magical Breed of dogs the PON is. They are so intelligent and fun and it is always a "Mystery Tour" what they will come up with next. But it is indeed a "Magical Tour" owning a PON

Mystery is our "Tom Girl". She loves to play ball and also loves to race with her daughter Magic and try to beat her to/from the destination. Mystery also loved to play and rough house with her big brother Chance. We called the two of them "The Lovers". They always wanted to be together and Chance watched out for all his girls and protected them from any perceived harm.

Mystery is shown in the next few pictures with Chance and one racing with Zoe when Mystery was just 3 months old.

Like all PONs that I know, she has an internal clock and loves routine and order in her life. She will tell us when it is time to get up and when it is time to go to bed. She is a sweet, smart, and lovable girl. Mystery is a happy PON, always ready to "go outside" and she loves to go for a car ride. She makes us smile just to be around her. She loves to play ball and always greets with a toy. She is happy to go out and play a few rounds of ball several times a day. She does not need an extended ball playing time, just a few minutes and she is happy. She is an easy pup all around and is anxious to please us. All of our PONs love the beach, and we are lucky to live only a few miles from some of Jersey's nicest beaches. Dogs are allowed from October 1 through April 30, and walking on the beach with our PONs is one of our great pleasures. . .

Mystery really enjoys Agility. We have been learning the many different aspects of the sport in the hope to someday actually be able to enter an Agility trial. It is great exercise for both the dog and the handler, and it is just plain fun!

We used to call Mystery "Pup Pup", "Puppy", "The Mystery Girl", or "Pupsicle", but now that she has had puppies we call her "Mama Mystery". She is a great Mom. Mama Mystery really fits her.

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