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StarPons Tribute to Zoe (September 23, 1998 - March 13, 2015)

StarPons Tribute to Zoe

Our Final Tribute to Zoe  

AKC Ch., ARBA Ch., StarPons Tribute to Zoe, CGC is just "Zoe" to us. But Zoe is also known as, “Princess Zoe”, “Zoes”, the Pup Pup Princess, and “The Bossa Nova Bitch. She is the absolute boss of our home. She takes watching her little brother Chance and keeping him in line as her utmost task in life. But she loves him and also helps him in scaring people away, especially when a big truck or motorcycle pulls up behind or alongside our car.

Zoe is our food addict and I think she could be in the Guinness Book of Records for being the fastest pet to devour a stuffed Kong ! She, like most PONS I know, is always looking for food. She waits in the bathroom each night for Mommy to see if Mommy will weigh her, or clean her ears, or brush her teeth – anything extra so that she can get that one last special treat of the day. It doesn’t matter if it is one kernel or dry dog food or a delicious home-made treat. Zoe loves it all. She is affectionate and loving and loves attention and is the perfect dog.

She is an ARBA Champion, an AKC Champion and a Canine Good Citizen. Zoe loves Agility too, and spent two years taking Agility classes when she was a young puppy. We had hoped to compete in Agility but Conformation took root instead.

We found Zoe on the Internet in 1998, and fell in love with her.
Zoe at six months. This is still my all time favorite picture of Zoe. We had an original watercolor done from this picture that I took, and it has become the Ponder Us Logo. Zoe

Zoe on the PON Times Winter Cover
Pretty Zoe
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Pretty Zoe Zoe
Zoe Zoe
(Click on Pictures to Enlarge) Zoe is Five Zoe is Five
Zoe had eight PONs at her eighth birthday party at Mommy Donna's House. The PONs took turns with two groups of four having cake and ice cream. The candles were rawhide chews and Zoe got lots of presents. It was a wonderful celebration! We have birthday parties every year, but this was the best of all, and it was on her actual 8th birthday too! Zoe is Eight!
Chance Getting the Cake ! Chance reaching for Zoe's cake while Zoe licks her lips. She won't let anyone else do that!
Chance Eating the Cake ! Chance eating the first piece of Zoe's cake
Zoe's Thirteenth Birthday. Zoe is Thirteen!
Zoe wins an Award of Merit at the 2005 APONC National Specialty!! Zoe wins Award of Merit Zoe wins an Best of Opposite in the Veteran Sweepstakes at the 2005 APONC National Specialty!!

Zoe wins BOS Veteran Sweepstakes
Zoe really took to Agility, but she always rushed through her turn, and then spent her time barking at the rest of the class to "Hurry Up!!".

Zoe Zoe

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